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Activate Creative Cloud

If you are doing this at home, you need to download the Creative Cloud app from Adobe, then sign in as instructed above. You can then download Photoshop etc. from inside the Creative Cloud App.

Installing Creative Cloud and Photoshop at Home

  1. Go to Adobe Creative Cloud’s website
  2. Sign In Online
    1. Where it says email, put ‘’
    2. You’ll get redirected to a CBE login screen
    3. Sign in with CBE ID number/school password
  3. Then go to Download Adobe Creative Cloud apps | Free Adobe Creative Cloud trial
    1. Download Creative Cloud app (not photoshop)
  4. Install Adobe Creative Cloud
  5. Sign into the Creative Cloud App
    1. Put as the email
    2. The pop up fields that come need to use CBE ID number/school password
  6. From INSIDE the creative cloud app, you can now install Photoshop

Open Source Alternatives

You can use GIMP or Photopea(closer UI to Photoshop but web based and less powerful) in lieu of Photoshop. I personally prefer GIMP of the two. In terms of replacing Illustrator you could use InkScape. For basic Video Editing, the free version of DaVinci Resolve is adequate, though not open source.


If you have any questions, please email. I will endeavour to get back to you within three calendar days.

The fastest way to get a password to access student content is by asking for one in person. If you are not a student you should be able to acquire one from your child/ward.